9014 USGS GPS Methods to Establish Vertical Datum

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9014 USGS GPS Methods to Establish Vertical Datum

6 Florida Con. Ed. Credits or 6 Professional Development Hours

The objective of USGS GPS Methods to Establish Vertical Datum is to teach methods used by the USGS, a highly respected governmental agency involved in surveying and mapping, to obtain vertical elevations for USGS mapping projects. Professional surveyors, engineers, and floodplain managers do well to emulate the methods used by the USGS in completing their mapping projects.

The course materials include the above referenced publication by the USGS, twenty true-false questions, and an answer sheet. The USGS publication is the basis for the course. The body of the publication contains 57 pages of written materials with numerous illustrations, pictures, and sketches. The evaluation questions used for this course are taken from those 57 pages. Information found in the appendixes and other references within the publication are not tested by the course examination, but are made available for your educational enrichment. The evaluation questionnaire with 20 questions and an answer sheet for your answers are located at the end of the booklet/file. Seventy percent examination correctness ratio is required for passing the course. Correspondence with the instructor regarding exam question(s) is possible by email. The instructor’s email address is [email protected]

You will receive an internet link to download a Portable Document File (23 mb PDF) containing the course reading materials, examination questions (20 True/False). You can download multiple times if you wish with a 30 day time limit to download and one-year to complete the package. More information about this course can be found at http://landproseminars.com/ then follow links to correspondence courses.

It is the responsibility of the licensee to determine if this Land Pro Seminars course is appropriate to meet their specific con. education needs. To receive Land Pro Seminars con. ed. certification the completed answer sheet must be submitted to Land Pro Seminars within one-year from the date of purchase. Please call Land Pro Seminars with questions.(888)537-0006

Florida Surveyors: Florida Con. Ed. rules allow up to 12 hours carry over into the next license cycle. This is a great buy considering you have one-year to complete. (That goes into the next cycle).

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